InovaSys MSSP

Threat Hunting and Response

Threat Hunting and Response

InovaSys security ecosystem provides comprehensive protection for your IT infrastructure based on our unique cyber intelligence, in-depth attack analysis, and effective incident response.


Threat Intelligence & Attribution
Threat Hunting Framework
Advanced technology designed to analyze network traffic and identify anomalies & infected.
In-depth inspection of traffic

Mechanisms designed to work with Leverages machine learning algorithms and analyzes all types of channels: DNS, HTTP, Hop HTTP/HTTP, SMB

Analysis of encrypted traffic

Mechanisms designed to work with encrypted channels and extract files from them for analysis via ICAP.

Detection of lateral movements

Detects pass-the-hash attacks, WMI, PsExec, admin shares.

Unique signatures

Created based on proprietary data from unique sources & proprietary Threat Intelligence.

Fraud Hunting Platform
Digital Risk Protection

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