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Enterprise Log Management

Enterprise Log Management

InovaSys Enterprise Log Management is a centralized log management (CLM) platform that seamlessly collects, enhances, stores, and analyzes log data. Logs are fundamental to any IT operations or security program, and placing them all in a single location greatly simplifies their use.

Also, provides answers to your team’s security, application, and IT infrastructure questions by enabling you to combine, enrich, correlate, query, and visualize all your log data in one place.


Identity & Strop Threats

IT Operations

Prevent Downtime


Make Audits SImple


Elimiate Complexity

Event Log Sources

“What logs do you need to collect?”

In an environment where seemingly everything generates event logs, it can be difficult to know what to collect. In most cases, selection of event sources should be driven by the use cases you have identified.

Some other potential event sources by category.


Who will use the solution?

The users’ level of skill should be considered. Less technical users may require more pre-built content, such as dashboards. They may also require more training.
Some typical user groups include:

How long will you keep the data?

There are two ways event log data may be retained, online or archived. Online data is stored in Elasticsearch and is searchable through the solution GUI. Archived data is stored in a compressed format, either on the server or on a network file share.
The common retention model retain 30-90 days online (searchable in Elasticsearch) and 6-13 months of archives.

4 Key Benefits of InovaSys Enterprise Log Management

Log Collection Method

Our Solution supports many input types out of the box, currently it supports the following:

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