Strategic Partnership Announcement

February,2019- Cairo, Egypt, Inovasys a leading system integrator headquartered in Cairo, Egypt and Cyber Force a lead cybersecurity service and training provider based in Cairo, Egypt, announced commencing a partnership on a strategic level in the provision and implementation of security services and consultations arena.

Inovasys and Cyber Force understands the unique requirements of the cybersecurity landscape in the Middle East and Africa. Crucially cybersecurity contributes substantially in both the preservation and growth of modern business organizations. Hence Inovasys and Cyber Force gathered best in class experience from successful case studies to help their clientele build an actionable security infrastructure that serves the core business objectives of their organizations and accelerates their return on investments.

Cybersecurity Services – MCS

Cyber Force managed cybersecurity services (MCS) is a top line service designed to mitigate and reduce encountered cyber-risk for any sized organization. We help you in building and managing your cybersecurity capability based on top industry standards and best practices.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Get a high-value, risk intelligence that proactively decreases exposures while increasing efficiencies through active security governance to the business.

Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense Services (CDS), test your Technology Infrastructure defenses and controls helping you to meet compliance requirements by government and industry regulations. Our elite, highly qualified experienced team brings a special capability to our assessment and testing operations. Through a comprehensive standardized approach, we deliver a full stack security review tailored to any special requirements.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Address the enterprise cybersecurity needs beyond the technical. We help in aligning Cybersecurity, executive, CXO’s and the Board. We enable cybersecurity leaders to share responsibility for strategy, improve cyber-threat intelligence and design a plan that resonates with the Board and Executives, which ultimately improves cybersecurity for your business.

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